Pallet Truck, Machine (by Noveltek)

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    • machine size:1775*800*1385mm

    Key Features

    l   We are leading pallet truck manufacturers in taiwan.

    l   Taiwan pallet truck manufacturers.

    l   Ride-on drive, eazy handling.quiet safety, durable, reliable.

    l   No pollution. Electric drive, electric lifting.

    l   Baked enamel coating. When lifting, forks raise alone withoutbattery, thus, the power is economically saved.

    l   Forks can lift up to 205mm. It can carry open pallet or closedpallet. 2 pcs of the hydraulic lifting cylinders are built in right and leftsides. It lifts very stable and much better than the single hydraulic liftingcylinder product.

    l   2 pcs of the strong castor wheels are fixed at right and leftsides.

    l   This truck doesn't have any balance problems when turn a circle.

    l   Suspension drive motor and wheel can move up and down by 45mm.

    l   This truck has a very powerfull climbing ability.

    l   This truck has cold version for -35 oc cold storage use.

    Main Export Market

    Argentina ,Australia ,Austria ,Canada ,F T/C C A ,India ,Japan ,Jordan ,Mexico ,Monaco ,New Caledonia ,Pakistan ,Qatar ,Reunion ,Sao Tome ,South Africa ,Spain

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    Small Order Recommendation

    5 Ton Powered TRACTOR TRUCK
    USD 8,520.00-8,520.00
    Automatic Guide Vehicle AGV (by Noveltek)
    USD 33,000.00-33,000.00
    Advanced Tow Truck (AC System) AC+EPS Towing Capacity:5000kg 11000LB ( at flat floor)ATT-50 (by Noveltek)
    USD 6,000.00-6,000.00
    Advanced Electric Forklift Truck(Load: 1.5Tons/2Tons/2.5Tons) ( AC System)ABF-15/20/25 (by Noveltek)
    USD 25,500.00-25,500.00
    Electric Pallet Truck (can stand on the intermediate-type) (Load: 2 Tons)(Center Drive Vertion) by Noveltek
    USD 7,500.00-7,500.00