NOVELTEK Advanced Powered Pallet Stacker 1800KG

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    Electric Powered Pallet Stacker

    Key Features

    Noveltek is a well known and proven pallet truck manufacturer. They have already exported their products to 38 countries in the world. There are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, U.K., Greece, Australia, U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and most of Asian countries etc. Noveltek insists in good quality reliable products as well as quality control. 


    ●Advance AC motor truck. 

    ●Suspension drive motor allowing to use the truck on uneven surfaces. 
    ●With flux AC inverter. 
    ●30% battery efficiency improvement. 
    ●Quiet, and safe operation. 
    ●Environmentally, friendly, durable, reliable truck.
    ●Electric drive, electric lifting. 
    ●Baked enamel leadless painting. 
    ●Straddle can lift 200mm. This stacker can carry 2 pieces of european open pallets at same time. It also has higher gradeability.
    ●Body length is 855mm only. 
    ●Ride-on drive, easy handling.
    ●It can turn in 2.1 meter wide aisle. 
    ●Max. Fork lifting height between 2 meter and 6 meter, triple stage, full free lift mast. 
    ●-35℃ cold storage version…etc. are available as options.

    Product Certification

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Unit/Units


    • Noveltek APS 25


    Small Order Recommendation

    Automatic Guide Vehicle AGV (by Noveltek)
    USD 33,000.00-33,000.00
    Manual Pallet Stacker (Manual Pallet Stacker) by Noveltek
    USD 850.00-850.00
    Free Shipping
    Electric Pallet Truck
    USD 7,500.00-7,500.00
    Hand Pallet Truck(Load:2 Tons/2.5 Tons/3 Tons)
    USD 210.00-210.00
    Fork Lift, Reach Truck, Pallet Truck, Machine
    USD 1,900.00-1,900.00