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We specialize in producing material handling equipment.

Key Features

-The stacker automatically moves to installed magnetic tracks and can easily adapted to different working environments
-Low maintenance costs and convenient to operate
-The load capacity, grade ability, and lifting capacity of this pallet truck is comparable to normal electric stackers

Electric stackers can move from the warehouse area to production area through and automatic guide vehicel. 
●Simple to build: the stacker goes automatically wherever the magnetic track has been stuck and installed.
●Easily adapted for different working environments: the stacker can be set to the mode of the automatic guide operation anywhere the magnetic track has been stuck and installed.
●Low maintenance cost: with a simple investment at about 1/5 price of the traditional laser guide system. theprincipal capital invested will be recovered in one year. 
●Unaffected even when the working environment changes.5.Adapted to install and run in all models of material handling equipment. 
●Load capacity/Grade ability/ Lifting capacity are same as those of a normal electric stacker.
●Convenient to operate with a simple flick of the manual/automatic switch. 
●At a distance of 80 cm from a dangerous situation ,, the vehicle will slow down Automatically _ whereas at a distance of 20cm from a dangerous situation. the vehicle will stop and restart to operate after the obstacle has been removed.

2016 Taiwan Excellence Award Winning Products

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