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Electric Pallet Truck (can stand on the intermediate-type) (Load: 2 Tons)(Center Drive Vertion) by Noveltek

  • Model No.:PPT-20LC
  • Certification:CE ,ISO 9001
  • Made In:Taiwan
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Key Features

●Ride-on drive, easy handling.
●Quiet, safety, durable, reliable.
●No pollution.
●Electric drive, electric lifting.
●Baked enamel coating.
●When lifting, forks raise alone without battery, thus, the power is economically
●Forks can lift up to 205mm. It can carry open pallet or closed pallet.
●2 pcs of the hydraulic lifting cylinders are built in right and left sides. It lifts very
  stable and much better than the single hydraulic lifting cylinder product.
●2 pcs of the strong castor wheels are fixed at right and left sides. This truck doesn't
  have any balance problems when turn a circle.
●Suspension drive motor and wheel can move up and down by 45mm. This truck has
  a very powerful climbing ability.this mechanism is controlled by 3 springs.
●Emergency handle can cut-off all electricity.
●This truck has cold version for -35℃ cold storage use.

Main Export Market

Argentina ,Australia ,India ,Japan ,Peru ,United Arab Emirates

Product Certification: