Advanced Electric Forklift Truck (AC system)(1.5 Tons/2 Tons/2.5 Tons)

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    Key Features

    - AC stepless inverter
    - Save electricity efficiently by 30%
    - Without carbon brush, easy maintenance
    - No noise
    - No pollution
    - Can be turned in a 3.3 meter wide aisle for model ABF-15/20
    - Soft solid tyres on 4 wheels
    - Full hydraulic power steering
    - Max fork lifting height between 2 meters and 6.35 meters
    - Hydraulic power brake
    - Mechanical hand parking brake
    -Lead-free PU baked enamel painting
    - Triple stage, full free lift mast, -35 degree C cold storage version, side shift, special attachment clamps, and explosion protection and shaft type forged forks are available as options.


    Small Order Recommendation

    Automatic Guide Vehicle AGV (by Noveltek)
    USD 33,000.00-33,000.00
    Hand Pallet Truck(Load:2 Tons/2.5 Tons/3 Tons)
    USD 210.00-210.00
    tow truck
    USD 8,520.00-8,520.00
    Free Shipping
    Noveltek ART-10/15/20
    USD 21,500.00-21,500.00
    Free Shipping
    Advanced Electric Forklift Truck
    USD 25,500.00-25,500.00
    Free Shipping