Advanced Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker (AC System) (800 Kg/1.0 Ton/1.2 Tons/1.5 Tons) by Noveltek

Model No.
ACS-08/10/12/15 AC+EPS
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    Key Features

    Model:ACS-08/10/12/15 AC+EPS



                   (AC SYSTEM) (0.8 Ton/1 Ton/1.5Tons/1.2 Ton/1.5Tons)


    Product Description:

    ◆Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system , very easy to drive

    ◆Advanced AC motor product

    ◆Without carbon brush, easy maintenance

    ◆Save electricity efficiently by 30%

    ◆FRP body cover and battery cover

    ◆Lead-free PU baked enamel painted

    ◆Polyoxymethylene steering arm

    ◆Mast draw back reduces truck weight, reduces truck length and increases stability

    ◆Pollution-free, quiet, safe, durable and reliable

    ◆Adjustable forged forks suitable for any pallets

    ◆Use Germany Hoesch brand section steel to make the high safety mast.

    ◆It can be operated in 2.7 meter width aisle for ACS-08/10

    ◆Back buzzer is a standard function

    ◆Max. fork lifting height between 2 meter and 6 meter

    ◆With a slow drive speed switch for duplex mast HI-LO(3M or above)and triple         stage mast HI-LO(3.5M or above)

    ◆With grounding chaini with PU drive wheel

    ◆Easy change battery by side move design

    Optional items: 

    Triple stage full free lift mast, -35℃ cold storage version and foldable side protection guards, shaft type forks, side shift, battery change table...etc. are available as options

      available as options



    Small Order Recommendation

    Automatic Guide Vehicle AGV (by Noveltek)
    USD 33,000.00-33,000.00
    Hand Pallet Truck(Load:2 Tons/2.5 Tons/3 Tons)
    USD 210.00-210.00
    tow truck
    USD 8,520.00-8,520.00
    Free Shipping
    Noveltek ART-10/15/20
    USD 21,500.00-21,500.00
    Free Shipping
    Advanced Electric Forklift Truck
    USD 25,500.00-25,500.00
    Free Shipping